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Rice Bowl Special
Bowl Noodle Soup Special
Noodle Soups

Choice of: flat, thin or egg noodle. Some dishes come with choice of chicken, or pork, with beef add $1.00 extra.

BBQ Combo Special

Served with shrimp fried rice. Dishes served with beef add $1.00 or shrimp $2.00 extra.

House Combo

Served all day. Come with fried rice or steamed rice and 2 pcs chicken satay and salad. Choice of meat: chicken or pork, beef add $1.00. Shrimp or squid add $2.00.

Chef’s Special
Classic Combo

Served all day. Classic combo comes with fried rice, Thai BBQ chicken. Dishes served with beef add $1.00 or shrimp $2.00 extra.

Issan Classic Northeast Cuisine

All dishes served with beef add $1.00 extra.

Healthy Delights

Served with steam rice, comes with brown sauce, garlic sauce or spicy sauce.

Rice and Fried Rice

Fried rice dishes made with chicken or pork and white rice, with beef, add $1.00, shrimp, $2.00 and to substitute white rice with brown rice (add $2.00 extra).


Comes with choice of chicken, add $1.00 for beef, $2.00 for shrimp, $3.00 for seafood.

A La Carte

Every entree serves with 8 oz jasmine rice (No substitution) and your choice of chicken, or pork, beef add $1.00 or shrimp $2.00 extra.


Every Thai curry serves with 16 oz. Jasmine rice. (No substitution). Choice of chicken or pork, with beef add $1.00 or with shrimp $2.00 extra.

Side Orders
Beverages and Smoothies

Add $1.00 for boba.Prepare Withcoconut” milk “. Fresh fruit are used when available season always make fresh to your order.

Vegan Appetizers

We are pround to present a 100% vegan vegetarians menu, we do not use fish sauce, oyster sauce, or any kind of meat products in our vegetarian dishes. A new wave of vegetarian Thai cusine meatless, high in protein and low in cholesterol, no MSG add healthfully delicious.

Vegan Soup
Vegan Noodles Soup
Vegan Salad
Vegan Rice

choice of steam rice or brown rice tofu veggie, soy beef.seitan add $1 for soy shrimp,fish scallop, or pepper steak.

Vegan Noodles

choice of tofu,vegetable,soy chicken,soy beef,seitan add $2 for soy shrimp.scallop,pepper steak or fish.

Vegan Entrees

served with steamed rice or brown rice choice of tofu vegetable soy chicken or soy beef,seitan add $1 for soy shrimp,fish.scallop or pepper steak.

Vegan Curry

Served w/steamed rice or brown rice.Choice of tofu,vegetables,soy chicken, seitan add $1 for soy fish,soy pepper steak soy shrimp or soy duck.

House Specials

Served with jasmine brown rice or jasmine white rice.

Vegan Seafood

All seafood items comes with steamed rice or brown rice

Vegan Dessert
Vegan Drink
Vegan Smoothies

Add Boba for $1.00.

Dinner Specials

Served all day with your choice of fried rice, steamed rice or brown rice, soup or salad, egg roll, fried dumpling, fried shrimp and fried wonton choice of soup: tom um kai, tom kha kai, hot and sour, vegetable soup, wonton soup or tofu soup. And choice of meat.

Veggie Dinner

Your choice of steamed rice or brown rice fresh spring roll. salad,or veggie tom yum soup,veggie tom kha,dumpling soup or miso soup choice of meat, soy chicken or soy beef or ,tofu,or mixed vegetables, add $2 for seitan, soy shrimp,soy fish,soy duck. scallops,or pepper steak

Lunch Special

**Mon-Fri:11:00am – 3:00pm.** All lunches served with soup or salad, Veg egg roll and steamed rice.Fried Rice Or Brown Rice add $1. Choice of chicken or pork, with beef add $1.00, with shrimp add $2.00.

Classic Lunch Special

**Mon-Fri:11:00am – 3:00pm.**All combination are served with steamed jasmine white rice,house soup egg roll.

Veggie Lunch Specials

Served with fresh roll, steamed or brown rice and soup of the day or salad.Choice of tofu,soy chicken,soy beef or vegetable ,add $1 soy shrimp,Soy fish,Soy duck,Scallop,Pepper steak,Seitan

Real Fresh Salad
Rice And Noodle

All curry prepared w/coconut milk fresh herbs and dried spices.

Rice For Party Trays